An Urban Take On Traditional Practices

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Focusing on the connection of the mind, body and breath, we put our stamp on every class we offer.

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An Urban Take On Traditional Practices

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Culture Athletics Studio

Located in the heart of Leslieville, our studio focuses on the connection of the mind, body and breath. Specializing in Vinyasa Yoga, we offer a wide variety of classes and strive to make Yoga available to all individuals. Beginners, established yogis, athletes of all practices — everyone has a place here.

This boutique studio offers intimate classes with a 6-10 person capacity, allowing for personal instruction from some of the best instructors in Toronto. Come discover techniques that transcend from the yoga mat to daily life.

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Vinyasa + Essential Oil Massage

Move deeper into your practice with aromatherapy healing, that will help guide you into a place of relaxed body and mind. The class builds upon slow and steady flow-sequencing to encourage the body to feel grounded and open. As the body softens, essential oil massages will be applied to melt your day away.


This class will have you moving freely, breathing deeply, using sound, and ultimately creating an experience unlike any other you’ve had before. Each session will explore a range of modalities from building strength to gaining a greater sense of calmness.

Yin Yoga
For Runners

Yin poses targeting the lower body, where runners need it the most. Each class dives into a different series of gentle postures that not only increase flexibility, but also releases the deep connective tissue (including fascia, bones and joints). Poses are held from 45 seconds to several minutes. All levels (and not just runners) welcome!

Stretch + Restore

This class will focus on deeply releasing tension in muscles + tissues.  A great class for runners, athletes and anyone looking to improve their flexibility.  All levels are welcome.  Vinyasa Flow is a class curated to connect body and soul, while relaxing the mind.

Yoga For Runners

Yoga is a must for those who love to run!  Each week’s class will focus on upper body strength, lower body flexibility, balance and stability.  The class will also feature breathing techniques for relaxation, detoxification and improved lung capacity.  Open to both runners and non-runners, all levels are welcome.

Friday Night Lights

Relax at the end of your work week with a Friday night candle-lit vinyasa. This breath-led class uses flow sequencing to stretch, relax and release. All levels are welcome.

Slow Flow

A powerful blend of both Vinyasa and Hatha practices.  Slow flow allows you to explore the breath, movement and stretch between each posture.  Some postures may be held for a longer period of time – this works a little deeper and targets not just muscles, but joints and connective tissue.  All levels are welcome.

Mindfulness Meditation

Discover techniques that can benefit many aspects of your life as you take them from the cushion into your daily life. Each week we will delve into a different meditation technique to help develop the three core skills of: Concentration, Sensory Clarity, Equanimity.

Morning Vinyasa

Wake up with this gentle flowing sequence that will leave you feeling refreshed for the day to come.  A slower flow class that uses movement, breath and strengthening postures to start your morning off in the best way possible.  All levels are welcome.

Upcoming Events

COCOON: A Sound Bath Meditation

March 22 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Reiki + Sound Bath

March 7 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


February 29 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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